recognized that SMILE:)

It happened not so long ago

There’s a girl in a corner

Just turned into a teenager

She knew that,ever since she was little

It always,always her dream

To marry a man who would treat her just right

That she can said that “He’s my Mr.Right”

With the loving  best friends

For the rest of her life

But it turned out a bad dream in a cold night

As she grew up

Her friends grew cold

So she twisted her life

Just to fit in their world

Now,she has her biggest fear

A fear,is that she’ll be rejected

She is willing,always willing

To try anything

And gave up everything

Just to feel accepted

She post photos in Instragram

Hoping that now

Her body attracts what,

Her heart can’t somehow

Slowly turning herself into something she’s not

Desperate for anyone to think that she’s hot

But the loved that she craves has never come through

And all the dreams she once held,

Just haven’t come true

And ask her,how she is,

She’ll say that she’s fine

She disguises it well ,

But she’s dying inside

She tried running away,

Just a little to start

Anything just to fill the big hole in her heart

Now she’s sleeping around,

Hoping love will be found

But her heart lies empty from,

The sorrows she’s drowned

Cause deep down she knew,she’s not bold

She put’s down her fake smile,while she bleeds

On the outside she’ll build

So her life will seem filled

In her heart she’s broken

But never admits it

And inside she’s never completed






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