JS Prom

img_20170215_210141received_1325951827462945received_1325951820796279 so isang patikim tungkol sa blog post na ito


It’s been months since I posted my last blog,kindly missing some part of myself,these past months I want to writ a lot,I have a lot of things I want to share and write,but my fingers will stop at the middle of my writing,typing rather.I just can’t find myself but partly I know that it’s just my mood swings and all the things that is running in my mind because the 4th quarter is just started.


So here it is my bebehs,FEB-IBIG is on the air even though VALENTINES DAY had pass but still it’s February so belated HAPPY VALENTINES DAY sa lahat and as for a teenager and a high schooler like me JS PROM is also one of the biggest event this month(sa province nmin ou,ewan ko lng sa ibang place).

First thing first I don’t want to attend or go to this kind of party,I’d love to party but no not this one,I just can’t barely imagined that I will go to this kind of party even though it’s one of a big and a happy experienced as a teenager, a person like me,an introvert one who does not go and don’t want to be with a lot of people(pwera pag friends and family)how can I express myself and how can I barely stand,walk,talk and party if a lot of people is with me who I barely didn’t know,how can I?,but as a President of our class and one of the officer of this JS Prom 2017,I don’t have any choice( that I wish I have) so,I joined,and take note my lola and nanay are one’s who is more excited than me,they pay a person just to create my so called cocktail dress,they even buy my shoes,they also pick the color and designed for my dress and hair and make up,and me I just have to fit with my dress,shoes and attend the prom.

img_20170215_151135img_20170215_151200 as of 1pm in the afternoon and there ONLY 6 hours remaining before the js start, I’ve decided to go to the JS (parang napilitan hahah)so ayun na nga realtalk ung muntik nko ma late buti nalang pala rumarampa palang nun ung top 5 na pagpipilian para sa MR and MS. JS PROMENADE 2017…so un tandaan don’t be silly or whatever if u have something to attend to….


and here are the happennings

img_20170215_210217img_20170215_210227img_20170215_221932img_20170215_222126img_20170215_222500img_20170215_222143img_20170215_204259img_20170215_213050img_20170215_210217so there you have it guys, marami pang nanngyare ilan lamang yan…private na ung iba so thank GOD the JS went well and thank you for that day and to those happenings that are so memorable and thank you thank you,ung pagka #teamBANGKO ay hindi nngyare thanks sa mga nagsayaw…and syempre sa lahat para lang mairaos yang JS wwuuhhhoooaaahhh till next time






babushhhiieess mga besshiiess:)


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