THOSE DAYS!!!!#I need sOMeonE

In life people has someone to lean on to,like a friend,bestfriend,partner and many more,sometimes we call or we have a special name to call them like; bes,bestie,beshie,friend,love,yhatz,moo,yam,bro,dude,tol,pre and so much more,there are different people,relationships,status and situation,but as we go thru to our lives we have someone to look up and count on to,if there is someone. 


My life?in my status now I know no matter what happen I have my family and I am purely and truly contented with that,but if I have someone except my family,it will give my life much meaning.Childhood days of me was not that eventful and exciting,it’s more of suffering and struggling for me and for the people around me,it’s the time when I have to fought for my life and for the people around me specially for my family,I have to be strong,for me to live,so I have to do what the doctor said,like;I have to be inside our house everytime and every second of my life when I was a kid,I experience celebrating my birthday inside the hospital we’re my guests are my co-patients,nurses,doctors and my family only them,and sometimes we are able to stay in my doctor’s clinic for me to undergo and run some test,so we’re not able to go home,so my house when I was young was the hospital and my doctor’s clinic.When I reached the age of 7,and I was in grade 2 that time,my Pulmonary Infection(it’s a lung disease)went very crucial and my asthma,heart complication,allergies and anemia also strike so I have to stop 2 months of studying and tends to just rest and stay our home( completely bed rest)and there is a time when I collapsed and look that I have no life anymore,but GOD is good he allowed me to live and enjoy the life he gave me but the 2 months turns to 3 months because I have to run and undergo some test,that time I realized that is there is someone with me/Is there is someone care for me?except my family.and those questions live with me until now,I’m already in my highschool life,and still those questions hunts me,because I dont think I have friends,true friends because some people tends to plastic one other and I undestand why they do that kind of thing cause it’s life and you have to be plastic sometimes so you can’t hurt other’s feelings but it’s still not healthy to be a plastic all the time,I admit sometimes I’m a plastic but I know how to used it,I used it to the people who are able to plastic me,and the sad thing is some of my friends turned out in that kind,so I don’t know yet if I have friends,true friends actually;

If there is someone  

Can someone accept me?Be with me,as million of people turned out choose to be away from me?Can stand with me,stay with me.Is there someone?Who can ride my deep random thoughts.Even in my corny jokes?Can slay away dragons,just to be with me.Can someone?


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