First blog post

“be miserable or motivated;whatever it has to be done it is always you’re choice”

I’ve created this blog for some reasons and here they are

  • I just love writting.
  • I want to share some things with you guys that I can’t even share with others.
  • Because of the random things that is running in my head .

So hi guys!!! I am a girl with a lots of deep thoughts in my head that I want to share with you.I’m Julie Anne Vicencio Delos Reyes,14 years old,I currently live with my family here in Talavera,Nueva Ecija,I have 2 sisi and only brother here they are;

my tatay and me
nanay and me
my older sister and her husband
my younger sister
my only brother 


My favorites and we’re am I addicted to;

  • blue and yellow
  • sinigang na bangus sa ulam lng yan 
  • I do love coffee and I’m addicted to it
  • I love spongebob squarepants
  • I do love watching sweet flicks movies
  • I’m a Ice Cream addict but i don’t want ube flavor and i donno why
  • I love watching Disney movies
  • I’m addicted to photography
  • my is sway by bic runga but my playlist wont stop why?I just love music 
  • my was Coldplay they’re always touch my heart even my soul hehheheh
  • my dream place to travel to is New York City, I just love the Central Park and the Time Square 
  • my was all of the books written by Mr.Nicholas Sparks and translated to a movie 
  • I do love browsing social media accounts of mine I think it’s my life thou
  • I like reading books fiction books actually
  • I am one of the  Jonaxx lovers they call it JSL,wattpaders knows it
  • my fav.artists and loveteams are  ALDUB and KATHNIEL
  • I do love rain

my dislikes

  • I don’t want my feet to be dirty you can call m arte but I swear I just can stand long if my feet is dirty
  • I hate annoying ,hnd naman ung makulit ayoko lang ng paulit ulit 
  • I do not want plastic peoples,who act like they are perfect even if they’re not

I am now at my grade 9 year in junior high,in Talavera National Highschool,here in our province.I belong to the 1st section that I don’t think if I deserved it,I just don’t have the guts,and what a world,I am the #President(na hnd ko na uulitin)of our class and I don’t think I am an effective one,running for honor(just want to prove to myself something and for my parents to be proud),if you guys tend to know what is my dream my answer is I actually don’t know what I want to be in my life,my dream job was to be a FLIGHT ATTENDANT but I don’t think if it was meant for me(pano ba nmn ang panget ko kaya,maitim,matangkad nmn,d nmn aq matalino and I don’t have any guts or talent) ,so I’m just waiting what future leads me and just go with the flow,thats it.


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